Principal’s Welcome

Message from Dr. Burns

Dear Students and Families:

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic school year. To all our incoming students, we welcome you to Randolph High School, a premier career and technical public high school in the city of Philadelphia. Because the world changed in 2020, the opening of this school year will be unlike any other school year. Most importantly, we will start off our school year with all virtual learning.

Students first day of school is Tuesday, September 2, 2020. We start promptly at 7:30am. Please sign on student portal to view students rosters. Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begin with exploration of career options.

Our comprehensive career and technical program supports basic academic and life skills and also emphasizes achievement of high academic standards. It encourages leadership skills, preparation for a livable wage employment, and it encourages advanced and continuing education as well. Our goal throughout this academic year is to create an educational environment that is the best the School District of Philadelphia has to offer.

We have the highest expectations for our students both academically and socially. We recognize, first and foremost, that learning accelerates when the students, not the teachers, are encouraged and taught how to be in control of their learning. To maximize success utilizing the virtual platform, we are asking parents/guardians to assist students with creating a dedicated workspace. We ask that you help set the ground rules for their learning workspace. Students will need consistency and routine to assist them with being successful. Finally, we recommend creating a morning routine, maintaining regular school hours (7:30-2:34 pm), scheduling breaks and ending the day with a routine.

We as a district understand the emotional/social toll this global pandemic COVID-19 continues to have on our students. Therefore, we will be engaging in a daily system wide curriculum “Healing Together.” All communication to families will be via our Randolph District website, twitter, robocall, text messages and postings on teachers’ Google Classroom announcements. All parent meetings will be held virtually.

I encourage all parents to take part in their child’s educational development by becoming actively involved in our school. Parents and community are an integral part to ensure success. Together in this partnership, we will help develop young leaders who are ready to participate in great things for themselves and their community .


Dr. Michelle Burns, Principal (

Ms. Kristin Williams-Smalley, AP (