Chrome Power Ups

  • Dualless

    One click tool for instantly reorganizing chrome windows for better performance

  • Grammarly

    User-friendly spelling and grammar checker to improve writing.

  • Read and Write

    Text to Speech feature that can be used to guide reading. Can also be used to playback and check answers.

  • Voice in Voice Typing

    When active, Voice in Voice Typing converts spoken words to text.

  • Google Keep

    Checklist tool to stay on top of tasks

  • Diigo

    Selective highlighting and annotation tool

  • Google Dictionary

    One click definitions and pronunciations for any word on screen in chrome.

  • Noisli

    Create custom ambiance to increase focus and help with relaxation

  • Timer

    A great tool to help budget and manage time.

  • Google Translate

    Translate from one language to another!