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It is time for seniors to apply for financial aid. Unless your son/daughter is considered an independent student, your social security number and tax return information is needed in order for your son/daughter to complete the application. Please, go to the following link for more information about dependency status:

The financial aid application is what will determine how much money he/she will receive to use toward college tuition. The completion of the financial aid application is necessary even if your son/daughter decides to go to a two year college or a technical school. Please, visit the link bellow for more information and to start the financial aid application. Federal Student Aid website:


What are the Keystone Exams?

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in academic content. Beginning with the class of 2017, students must demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra 1, Literature, and Biology Keystone Exams to graduate. Students will be offered multiple opportunities to take the Keystones throughout their high school careers.

When will the exams be offered?

The Keystone Exams will be administered three times each year—winter, spring, and summer. Specific administration dates will be published by the Pennsylvania Department of Education on the SAS website at

How can I help my child prepare for this assessment?

Improving Keystone score and ensuring that every student is on track for graduation is school wide initiative. Each teacher is currently tying the work in his or her class to the information needed to be successful on the test. Insure your child is completing homework nightly.  Additionally, please utilize the attached documents in preparing for the exam.